Key Personnel


Andrew Tucker


Andrew has been helping to create compelling visual content for high profile projects since the advent of Computer Graphics and Digital Effects 2 decades ago. After completing an Arts degree he studied the emerging field of computer graphics for film and television in London where he then worked first as a designer and graphic artist for print before providing creating graphics for video and commercials clients.

After being asked to consult as a production troubleshooter for both Softimage and Discreet Logic in London, the leading 2D and 3D software providers at the time, Andrew had the opportunity to spend the next several years travelling to over 30 countries as a Technical Artist, Trainer and Production Consultant. This was a unique opportunity to work with CG companies at every level of the industry worldwide.

In 1997 Andrew was offered the opportunity to come to Los Angeles and put a team together to produce the main CG character sequences for the film Mortal Kombat 2. This work grew in scope and after it’s successful completion Andrew stayed on.

He has since worked on dozens of major features both as an artist and supervisor.

Personal highlights include spending time in Sydney working on the Matrix sequels , working on the Final Directors Cut of the classic Blade Runner for Ridley Scott and helping to create an updated version of the Spiderman 4D theme park attraction for Universal Orlando.

Andrew is an artist who also fully embraces the technical nature of his field and enjoys the challenge of constantly finding and integrating innovative technology. He is also keenly aware of the discipline and demands of production and the personal skills required to work with clients, and get the most out of fellow artists.

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